Professional Experience

Workshop Facilitator for litLAB in New Brunswick, NJ (affiliated with coLAB Arts)

Writing Tutor (including Passaic County-College, Rutgers, UMDNJ, Newark Literacy Campaign)

Composition Instructor

Adult literacy tutor


Contributions to the PCCC Writing Center Blog (ongoing):

Talking Words vs. Writing Words

Why Fight the Phone? Using tech to compliment writing instruction

How to have ideas

Featured Content on BlogHer.com

Cheapwashing: Cashing in on the Frugal “Fad”

The Luxury of Giving: Freecycling and Frugality

I’m Working Again and It Terrifies Me

Fall 2012  Paper “‘my sweet old etcetera’: Reading and Critiquing the Erotic in E. E. Cummings’ Poetry” published in SPRING: The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society

“Erato” published in Rutgers’ “The Anthologist

Areas of Research

Creative writing/poetry

The life and work of E. E. Cummings

19th century Speculative Fiction

Gothic literature and culture

Queer Cinema(s) and LGBTQ representation in US culture

Ongoing Work

The Diamond Lens: Sex and Spectacle in 19th century Speculative Fiction

This is a continuation of a paper from grad school, expanding from the original boundaries of science fiction to consider horror, fantasy, and other intersections of genre.  While academic, I have elected to keep it in a conversational and even flippant tone to make the research and criticism more accessible and entertaining.

The Thinking 30something: Thoughts from the Ever-Expanding Kids’ Table

The Thinking 30Something is an avenue to discuss practical writing skills (resumes, etc) as well as aspects of career-building and professionalism for young adults.  As I keep tutoring, I have begun to include basic writing advice as well to emphasize my professional work.  


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