Writing in the real world: Dating profiles

Let’s look at one of the most common practical applications of writing skills: Dating profiles!  How can you practice effective writing behaviors in this area and set yourself apart from the rest of the profiles?

Listen and find out 🙂


Here’s the takeaway!  Remember to be honest, up front, and relaxed.  Also, don’t worry about “guarantees” or “good” writing – think in terms of effectiveness.

  • Smile in your photos
    • Make sure they show you as a person
    • Use photos you don’t have to crop others out of (looks suspicious)
  • Fill out ya damn profile!
    • Who are you, anyway?
    • What are you looking for?  Dating, sex, both?
  • Argue in the positive:
    • Talk about what makes you special
    • What you can do for someone else
    • Leave terse or lazy answers
    • Complain about the gender you’re pursuing or invoke stereotypes
  • BONUS!  For non-monogamous profiles
    • Explain your situation (open, poly, etc) in simple terms right away
    • Link to your spouse/partner’s profile right at the top
    • Weigh the risks vs. the benefits of using photos and be honest

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