Belated writeup on Transition

Thanks again to those that joined us for the June meeting of thePEN!   Our June topic, so timely for Pride month, was Transition.  My friend Robin Scott of cohosted to guide us through the interconnected galaxy of topics related to being trans.

We all had one of our best discussions yet at that meeting!  There were new faces, new voices, and we all delved into some very dense, creatively fertile territory.

Our prompt for the meeting was Imagine you wake up as another gender one day.  Take us through your internal monologue.  Simple, but it drew out some very thoughtful pieces.   If you’d like to give that a whirl, do feel free!  Drop me an email on my Contact page and I’ll be happy to give it a gander and some feedback 🙂

For those who missed the meeting or want to further educate themselves, here is a link to Zinnia Jones’ Gender Analysis playlist.  Zinnia Jones is a writer and blogger active in the Trans and Atheist/Secular communities.  Gender Analysis is an ongoing series that deconstructs stereotypes and lore related to trans identities, subjecting commonly held beliefs to, well, analysis.

Join us next month for a new theme related to Changing Skylines and Urbanization!

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