#Writing Wisdom: The Necessity of #Revision

Many of us are trained from our first exercises at school to think of revising as a painful, unrewarding act, changing a word or two here and there without actually improving our writing.  We don’t really know what do do.

-S. Kaye, Writing Under Pressure p. 42

Revision is not proofreading – it is re-envisioning the work.  This should not be sentence-level fixes.  Revision is where you take stock of the work as a whole and make decisions about order, continuity/logic, patterns.  This is where you invert, remove, add, and otherwise transmogrify.

Do you revise your work?  Or are you intimidated by the process?  If that’s the case, what scares you?  What is the worst that could happen if you change your writing?

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