This One’s for the Poor Schmucks at MLA


Hey guys! No baby yet. But here for your reading pleasure is my very last article for the Internetz before I become a parent and my only concerns are poop, puke and drool (and whatever the baby produces). It’s on my “data set” (I use the term LIGHTLY) from my MLA Cost Project, and the figures that result will not surprise you in the least. Let’s hope that by next year, I will hear of exactly NO stories of first-round interviews getting rescinded because a candidate doesn’t want to (or can’t) attend a big annual $1000 nametag promenade shitshow. Here’s a taste:

By forcing universities to undergo a transparent and uniform process—which sometimes involved dropping one’s CV to participating departments on-site and being called for an interview cold!—the conference interview valiantly fought the country-club style of academic hiring. But times, friends, they have a-changed. Sure, it’s 2015 and we’ve still got…

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