notes-514998_1920Hi, there!

I’m Liz Reilly, and I make my living with words, one way or another!

I am an educator, first and always, teaching and tutoring a wide variety of students.  I am also a poet, a patient “workshopper”, and a general guide to Writing The Things Quite Well.

Keep an eye on this spot for developments! There’s always something going on.  Normally I’m stuck jetting around from one campus to another, but there’s an awful lot in between.

As a consultant, I am available for freelance content creation, training, and more.  Please visit my Professional Writing Services page for details and to contact me.  I have over 5 years of experience working with writers both beginning and established.  I believe in a down-to-earth, practical approach to tutoring and training other writers.  The project has priority, and I can use my expertise to help push it to the best it can be.

As a facilitator, I am available for hire to conduct a variety of creative writing workshops in various content areas, from grief to sexuality and healing.  Please see my Workshop page for details.  In workshops, all writers are on an equal footing, we create a safe space, and we take a project-centric approach to critique and guidance.  Also, it’s quite a bit of fun!


I have an MA in English and at this rate (my goodness) 5+ years teaching/tutoring a variety of learners.  I have extensive experience with diverse student populations and students with various cognitive challenges and knowledge gaps.

Samples of Work:

You can listen to my (all too sparsely produced) podcast here on Soundcloud:  The Purecast.

Contributions to Passaic County Community College’s Writing Center Blog:

“How to Have Ideas”

“Why fight the phone?  Using tech to compliment instruction”

“Talking Words Vs. Writing Words”

“Wordplay I: Verb!  That’s What’s Happening!”

“Rules for Writing”

“#Writing Advice: #Motivation and #Empowerment”

Other Work:

Posts on BlogHer.com (frugality, employment)

The Diamond Lens: Sex and Spectacle in 19th Century Speculative Fiction

The Thinking 30something: Thoughts from the ever-expanding kids’ table

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